Special Occasions

Conventions, Concerts, Exhibitions & Events

Incident Aware for Special Occasions


Organizing a Convention, Concert, Exhibition, Trade Show or other Event you already know the importance of delivering timely information to your staff or security personnel, not to mention your attendees. Keeping everyone safe and informed of any unfolding event, change of plans, or emergency situation is imperative. Broadcasting information to attendees to keep them updated with ongoing events is equally significant. Having updates, incidents and other important information reported back to you by staff and security and recording the details for future use and analysis is just as critical. This whole process can be complex, time consuming and clumsy to administer. Today having an easy-to-use two-way communication portal for Special Events is essential.

Incident Aware does all that for you, and more. Incident Aware is an intuitive, easy to use app that opens up those communication channels so you can quickly exchange critical emergency information, alerts or simple daily broadcast notices with the people who matter, whether they are stationary or mobile. Incident Aware provides two-way communication including visual media when needed and optionally provides GPS locations of your staff and any incident location. With Incident Aware you can manage emergencies and lockdown situations both before and after help arrives. Plus, Incident Aware logs all this information for any future requirements.

And there is more, Incident Aware enables one-way communication with your Special Event attendees to keep them updated with notices, updates, introductions, events, promotions, change of plans, etc., quickly and seamlessly.

In addition to receiving and pushing real-time two-way communications to your staff, Incident Aware can to accelerate and enhance emergency responses during critical times. Incident Aware empowers on-site First Responders with the ability to coordinate who's responding and what resources are needed.

Incident Aware keeps you connected with staff, security and attendees all at the same time!

With Incident Aware you can:

  • Push Broadcast notifications of emergency or alert situations regardless of the recipient's location
  • Broadcast notices, updates, promotions, etc. to Attendees
  • Communicate with staff and attendees separately
  • Restrict Attendees to one way “read only” communication
  • Communicate privately without broadcasting special words or codes
  • Provide staff with instructions or information to assist in keeping people calm
  • Send real-time alerts via SMS and emails to non-subscribers
  • Target recipients for specific checklists/step by step instructions or guidelines
  • Send incident progress reports back to Management in real-time
  • Enable real-time exchange of notes, chats and multimedia
  • Track staff as they move in and out of your business' boundaries
  • Notify staff and security of events requiring their immediate attention
  • Distribute daily notices, special instructions, "be on the look outs", or bulletins
  • Set up different groups with different broadcast messages
  • Simplify notifying staff of any false alarms, alerts or emergencies
  • Connect with Genesis GenAlert to add 9-1-1 Alerting for desk phones
  • Optionally track minute by minute locations of your staff
  • Plus many, many more features...

Incident Aware not only provides you with an easy way to communicate with your staff but it also empowers you to better communicate with your attendees!

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