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Incident Aware for Health & Long-Term Care Facilities

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Distributing critical information to your staff during emergencies or incidents, tracking suspicious activities, broadcasting to groups or everyone within your facility or just sending notes to individuals is a challenging task at best. Keeping staff safe and informed of any unfolding event or emergency situation is imperative. Having incidents and other important information about staff, patients, visitors, etc. reported back to you and recording the details for future use is just as critical. For everyone's safety, an easy-to-use two-way communication portal is vital for today's Health and Long-Term Care Facilities.

Incident Aware does all that for you, and more. Incident Aware is a very intuitive, easy to use app that opens up those communication channels so you can exchange critical emergency information, alerts or routine daily broadcast notices with the people who matter, quickly and easily. Whether you are simply posting daily notices, updating staff with "be on the lookouts" or dealing with an emergency situation, Incident Aware is there to assist you. Incident Aware provides two-way communication with your staff (nurses, doctors, cleaning, kitchen, security, etc.) so you can quickly exchange information, including visual media. With Incident Aware you can manage emergencies and lockdown situations both before and after help arrives. Plus, Incident Aware logs all this information for any future requirements.

In addition to receiving and pushing real-time two-way communications to your staff, Incident Aware can optionally provide GPS locations of your staff and the incident location to accelerate and enhance emergency responses during those critical times.

Incident Aware connects you and your staff to provide immediate two-way communication of emergencies, alerts, incidents, notices, bulletins, etc. exactly when you need them!

With Incident Aware you can:

  • Push Broadcast notifications of emergency or alert situations regardless of the recipient's location
  • Send real-time alerts via SMS and emails to non-subscribers
  • Include specific checklists/step by step instructions or guidelines depending on emergency
  • Send incident progress reports back to administration in real-time
  • Keep staff informed about patients and visitors needs and status
  • Distribute information required for the next shift
  • Manage patient requests and track status of reported issues
  • Initiate facility-wide lockdowns with instructions and updates
  • Track staff as they move in and out of your business' boundaries
  • Notify staff and security of events requiring their immediate attention
  • Distribute daily notices, special instructions, "be on the look outs", or bulletins
  • Set up different groups (nurses, doctors, cleaning, security, etc.) with different broadcast messages
  • Connect with Genesis GenAlert to add 9-1-1 Alerting for desk phones
  • Communicate privately without broadcasting special words or codes
  • Provide your members with instructions or information to assist in keeping people calm
  • Simplify notifying members of any false alarms, alerts or emergencies
  • Enable real-time exchange of notes, chats and multimedia
  • Organize data by patient or visitor so all staff have access to info
  • Display GPS location look-up of the incident address or location
  • Optionally track minute by minute locations of your staff
  • Plus many, many more features...

Incident Aware not only provides you with an easy way to communicate with your staff, it also empowers them to become your eyes and ears on the ground!

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