Application Features & Highlights

Incident Aware Features & Highlights

A Powerful Incident Tracking & Broadcast App

Incident Aware is an innovative yet simple broadcast app that allows you to easily modernize and accelerate communication and information exchange within your organization. Incident Aware runs on mobile devices and utilizes existing resources within your organization to instantly connect you with your staff, allowing you to easily exchange critical information seamlessly in real time.

Incident Aware provides alerts with GPS locations, records incident details, broadcasts messages or special instructions, and empowers you with a variety of customization tools to optimize your responses and streamline your record keeping.

No more clumsy, lengthy processes to monitor and receive that critical information within your organization.

With Incident Aware you get:

Apple and Android Support, Incident Aware
Emergency Awareness

Instant On-Site Emergency Alerting

  • Alert selected groups or notify all staff members of on-site emergencies
  • Send and receive Alerts from multiple buildings or locations
  • Dispatch push notifications to mobile users ensuring your messages get through, regardless of their location
  • Distribute email and desktop-based alerting as well, so you have all the bases covered
  • Expands on our powerful GenAlert solution allowing staff to collaborate in real-time and provide additional notes and comments about the alert.
  • Integrates with your exiting cloud or on premises telephone system

Easy Mass Notifications

  • Easily notify your staff in the event of closures, lockdowns, power failures or other events
  • Distribute daily notices, special instructions, "be on the look outs", or bulletins to the appropriate people
  • Alert any staff who are non-subscribers via both SMS & Email
  • Set up different groups with different broadcast messages
  • Communicate with your staff privately without broadcasting special words or codes
  • Provide your staff with instructions or information to assist in keeping people calm
Mass Notifications
Unparalleled Insight

Simplified Incident Reporting

  • Record incidents in real-time as they happen while the facts are still clear
  • Display GPS location look-up of the incident address or location
  • Chat in real-time, add comments and multimedia content to incidents or events
  • Customize Incident types, alert paths, and more to meet your specific needs
  • Use the app’s incident types guide to assist with recording those critical details

Powerful Incident Collaboration

  • Allows real-time exchange of notes, chats and multimedia specific to each alert or incident
  • Accelerates and enhances emergency responses by pushing real-time two-way communications to recipients
  • Empowers on-site First Responders with the ability to coordinate who's responding and what resources are needed
  • Updates staff when the emergency or incident is over or resolved
  • Simplifies notifying staff of any false alarms, alerts or emergencies

GPS Tracking

  • GPS Tracking information of Alerts and Incidents
  • Tracks users as they move in and out of your organization's radius
  • Optionally track minute by minute users' locations

Comprehensive Record Management

  • Retain and archive critical incident information indefinitely for any future reference or legal requirements
  • Consolidates all the details, chats and multimedia related for each incident
  • Locks and secures incident information to avoid the possibility of unauthorized changes/modifications
  • Customizable & Configurable User Accounts, Broadcast groups, Incident categories, data fields, questions
Logging, Recording

Plus many, many more features...