Our Vision

Genesis Systems

Genesis Systems: Our Vision

At Genesis we design all our solutions to be innovative, intuitive and feature-rich, yet competitively priced. Once deployed our solutions showcase how incredibly reliable, efficient and easy to use they are.

We believe cutting-edge technology should not come at the expense of usability, so all of our interfaces are designed to be as efficient as possible to use, with your experience being of paramount importance. What problem does it solve? How should it work? What does it need to do? How should it look? These questions and more are considered throughout the entire product design, development, testing and implementation processes, whether we are releasing a brand-new solution or adding a minor enhancement. All Genesis staff are trained professionals with comprehensive product experience and knowledge waiting to assist you in getting the most from our solutions.

At Genesis, we never rest. Our development team is dedicated to ensuring we always exceed your expectations. We are constantly improving existing solutions or designing new ones to embrace technological advances and accommodate your evolving requirements. Cloud or premises based, virtualized or hosted, you can be assured Genesis has the right solution for you.

Over our many decades in business, our focus has expanded from developing products for monitoring and reporting, evolving into creating interactive solutions empowering you to be more proactively informed and involved in your business operations.

Tapping into our collective industry experience, we have the advantage of utilizing what we have learned and developed, and can apply it in new and innovative ways going forward.

With a look to the future and an acknowledgement of the past, today we are proudly showcasing our latest interactive proactive solution, IncidentAware.

Randy Mennear, President & CEO
Our Vision